Material Monday: Restless Design reviews a different material weekly & discusses its virtues.

When we hear ‘vinyl floor’ we tend to think of shiny plastic lino with questionable colours and patterns that we all know from the 70’s/80’s. However, lino and vinyl are actually two very different products. Vinyl differs from lino in that it is manufactured using vinyl, felt, fiberglass and dye. Whereas lino is made from natural materials like linseed oil, tree resin, wood, stone and pigments. The process of making vinyl from non-organic materials means that it can be made in a large variety of colours and textures. It comes as no surprise that vinyl flooring is now one of the fastest-growing portions of the design industry and we can see why. Cleaning Vinyl flooring can be challenging, with some looking for the best wet dry vac to help them maintain their flooring.

Here are Restless Design’s four reasons why you should consider a vinyl floor in your space:

1. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-timber-tile-stone

2. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-timber-pattern-black-white

  1. Vinyl is manufactured using extraordinary photo technology which produces vinyl that closely mimics wood, tile, stone… and just about any other material. Vinyl is also available in tile and plank form which allows a more realistic and natural look. There is a vast amount of choice out there to suit any design scheme.

3. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-timber-tile-pattern-rustic

4. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-timber-texture-herrinbone

5. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-timber-tile-stone-pattern-black-white

6. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-mud-room-pattern-black-white

2. Vinyl is durable and not necessarily expensive especially if you find an affordable Houston flooring contractor. It is also easy to maintain and repair Tiles and planks can be easily removed and replaced when damaged. Its durability makes it the perfect choice for high traffic or dirt-prone areas such as hallways, bathrooms, utility rooms and mud rooms. You can have a heavy-duty vinyl floor without compromising on design. Cleaning tiles is pretty easy if you use a steam mop shark to get all of the dirt and grime off the floor.

7. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-bathroom-pattern-hallway

8. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-mix-match-colour-herringbone

3. The availability of vinyl tiles and planks means that you can mix and match different types of vinyl to achieve a more dynamic design. Mix different types of timber-look vinyl together, mix timber-look vinyl with tile-look vinyl, or simply play around with colours. The possibilities are endless.

9. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-mix-match-timer-colour

10. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-mix-match-colour-timber-black-white

11. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-mix-match-blue-timber-tile-herringbone

12. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-personality-colour-shapes

13. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-personality-blue-pattern-geometric

14. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-personality-purple-pattern4.Vinyl tiles are an excellent way to show off your own personality and creativity. Here’s your chance to play and experiment with textures, pattern & colour to create your very own bespoke floor.

15. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-personality-blue-black-white-pattern-geometric

16. Vinyl-floor-tips-ideas-personality--green-blue-pattern-geometric