Over done, over used and on the out… here are a few interior design trends that have lost their appeal.


The industrial look is our first trend on the out. While a few industrial touches here and there are acceptable and can add character, keep it to a minimum. It’s been done to death. If you want to avoid the cliche in your home, you may want to consider design services likes those over at laurelandwolf.com to see what styles and trends for some unique interior design they can suggest for you.


Copper recently made a huge resurgence and now every homeware shop in the country seems to stock copper trinkets. If you want to browse luxury homewares, keep an eye out for anything copper as it’s very in-fashion at the minute. Apart from being incredibly mainstream, cheaper pieces can end up looking garish and off-colour after a while so make sure you buy good quality pieces. You could even opt for a classic gold or brushed brass instead, and see if you can get some window treatments boca raton has to offer to match the pieces available.


Move over facets and geometrics and say hello to smoother looking furniture. There’s nothing like the appeal of a smooth surface to run your hands over. New York architect Mark Zeff states, “Unless a faceted table is made of real quartz, what’s the point?”.


Too much of a good thing can be bad and Mad Men may be the reason for this. Inspired by the show’s decor, many homeowners rushed out in an effort to replicate this style. And with the help of the best interior design company in your area giving you a helping hand along the way, you won’t be able to notice the difference between your decor and that from the show. Amazing, right? A strategically placed Eames chair can be a brilliant accent piece and a nod to the classics but an overload of the mid-century style is tired and overplayed.


They say there’s nothing like the original and we think that stands with modern reproductions. The whole concept is slightly hypocritical – to buy a vintage looking piece of furniture that’s fresh out of a factory. While we understand not everyone can splash €7000 on a chair, which is what an Eames Lounge Chair can go for, a reproduced piece just doesn’t garnish the same effect.

By Aoife Rhattigan, Creative Director, Restless.Design

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