Christmas Day is fast approaching and here at Restless.Design we’re just loving all the festivities and decor. Any excuse to decorate is fine by us. As always we like to get people thinking about how to view things differently, so we’ve compiled some inspirational Christmas Decor mood boards to get you thinking outside the red shiny box. These mood boards will have you sipping mulled wine and burning your favorite Christmas scents from Memory Essence or similar in no time!

Dim the lighting and add some luxury to your interiors with a Moody Sultry decor. Revamp your house this Christmas with deep tones, scattered candles and unrefined ornaments.

Add some sparkle with twinkly lights. LED Fairy lights with their delicate bulbs instantly add glamorous Christmas cheer. Just make sure it’s WARM white light and nothing else!

Gone are the days when Christmas decor just meant red, green and gold. Bring a pop of colour to your home with bright baubles and Scandinavian painted timber trinkets.

How about monochrome? Deck the halls in black and white for interiors that look classy and mature.

This is a very cool style and is perfect for anyone with limited space in their house/apartment. The alternative tree can be made with paint, lights, chalk… you name it. Be warned keep it simple here, simple details will be easier with this DIY option.

Finally, the minimalist. The complete opposite to the usual over-the-top and in-your-face festive decorations we’re used to. This style is restrained & elegant . Can you hold yourself back in the midst of the usual Christmas glitter and glint?


By Aoife Rhattigan, Creative Director, Restless.Design

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