Combine fine art with fine dining for a recipe for success.

Mixing art and food is a no brainer! Many restaurants are giving their diners the chance to appreciate beautiful artwork whilst in a relaxing in their comfortable surroundings. Art can also complement the dishes being served and ultimately add to the overall dining experience.

Here at Restless Design_ we’re big fans of incorporating artwork into the Restaurant projects we work on. Below are a few examples from our portfolio and just a few we admire!

Stage Left, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Stage Left, ranked one of the best restaurants in NJ, really shines a spotlight on art. They regularly display featured artist’s artwork in their dining room. Their current featured artist is Paddy Cohn and diners are even able to buy the artwork displayed.

Restless Design – Stage Left, New Brunswick

Market Lane, Cork

Market Lane is one our most recent restaurant interior jobs. An award winning eatery, Market Lane is a must-see if you’re visiting the Rebel county. We love this textured art piece hung in the hallway beside the restrooms.

Restless Design – Market Lane, Cork

Ocean Bar, Armada Hotel, Co Clare

The brief for the Ocean Bar artwork was to relate the the Atlantic Ocean. It must feel Irish and rooted in West Clare but be current, unique and engaging. What better than a looming pop art basking shark with Celtic pattern  overlays?! Seamus the basking shark is most definitely a stand out piece in the Ocean Bar.

Restless Design – Ocean Bar, Armada Hotel

Maison du Danemark, Paris

Located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Maison du Danemark features two fine-dining experiences, Flora Danica and Copenhague. Flora Danica features soft green and grey interiors and a wall decorated with botanical drawings. Copenhague offers a much darker, moodier palette with dark blues, greys and blacks. We love the striking artwork they have hanging in their dining room.

GamFratesi & Gubi – Maison du Danemark, Paris

51fifteen, Saks 5th Avenue, New York

Recently renovated, 51fifteen Cuisine & Cocktails is described as more gallery than department store. This is due to the modern design, floral light fixtures and stand out artwork that we adore!

  Contour Interior Design – 51fifteen, Saks 5th Avenue, New York

NAC, Valencia, Spain

NAC, a Spanish restaurant, features the most beautiful, copper interiors. They collaborated with an illustrator to create two large but delicate wall charts that reflect some of the ingredients most used in the kitchen of Chef NAC.

EstudiHac – NAC, Valencia, Spain


Aoife Rhattigan_Creative Director, Restless.Design

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