It’s always rewarding when a client puts their faith in you, and trusts in the design concept. Our interior design for the new Andrea Devin’s Opticians store in Letterkenny, Donegal was one of those projects. The vision for this store was to bring a bright fresh take to the design of an Opticians.

The layout & zoning of this generous space was considered at length. We worked closely with the client to set out the customer journey through this space. From the bright fully glazed entrance, to reception & waiting areas, and on to testing areas, consultation & retail displays – each area was designed to enhance the customer flow, comfort and general experience.

As with all our retail interiors, the details were teased out carefully. We added thoughtful touches such as recessed lighting on the product, ease of access to retail storage & displays and subtle screening for privacy where necessary.

The retail display was designed to allow flexibility of display, with the various zones connected as a family of  details through colour palette & set out. We love to design Opticians’ retail displays, it’s the scale of the product that we adore!

The spots on the track lighting suspended from the exposed ceiling are set out to focus their beams on the important zones & highlight  areas where necessary. This is complimented by the soft blue/green chalky tones of the walls & ceiling. Nature helped us too, as the sun beams in through the fully glazed shopfront, bathing the store in sunlight and giving the whole space a cinematic California aesthetic that we love.